Why Fear Can Be Your Friend

Our beliefs and influences filter the way we see the world.

Fear is something we all think about and confront. Whether it’s the fear of failing in a game, fear of not being good enough on a team, fear of not being liked, and the list goes on. 

Yet, if one could change our thinking about fear, we could use it in a powerful way to our advantage.

Maybe, just maybe, we could think about fear as our friend. Don’t fight “him”. 

Kyle Battles’ article for Inc. about Team USA Volleyball player Rachel Adams, talks to the power of fear “as friend”.

“She went on to paraphrase a metaphor about how to deal with fear. She later sent me screenshots of the book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Imagine yourself and two others, fear and creativity, are preparing for a road trip. Fear is welcome to come, “I allow my fear to live and breathe and stretch out its legs comfortably.” However, only you and creativity are making decisions. “It seems to me the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back.”

Rachel is a leader. She sees opportunity and choice through her creativity and awareness of herself.

So when fear pops up you might say, "hey fear (or whatever your name is), take a back seat and enjoy the ride with me. The front seat is occupied.