Why a Coach?

Harley Finkelstein, COO of Shopify, an online ecommerce retail platform, wrote an insightful article recently in Forbes about "His Dirty Little Secret"....hiring an executive coach. 

My big takeaways apply to all of us as leaders:

- We manage for the long term and lead people by trusting them in their abilities.

- Have empathy. Respect people's opinions; listen to them intently and be glad that it's ok to disagree. It's a healthy way to build productive, respectful growth.

- Be present in the moment, whether you're in a meeting, in a competition, or at home with family. Today's multi-tasking society sometimes gets in the way...too many meetings, a calendar that is on overload etc. 

As Harley put it about his coaching and being the leader and person he wants: "At least I know what I don't know". Being aware of you is where it all starts.