What's Teaming?

I participated recently in a webinar featuring Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. She is the co-author of a new book entitled Building the Future, Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation. I was so intrigued by her message. Even though the topic was about a bold innovation of a new city with an extremely cross functional team, she champions a concept called “big teaming”.  And it is through Amy’s leadership levers that one begins to understand, regardless of your industry, the challenge to produce productive, breakthrough team building.

Her levers are:

1.       Foster an adaptable vision

2.      Promote psychological safety

3.      Enable Knowledge and Sharing

4.      Foster Execution-As-Learning

I was particularly struck by Psychological Safety and Enabling Knowledge Sharing. In a day and age of the explosion and access to knowledge and data, increasing specialization and to say the least a plethora of problems, to build trusting communities/teams is essential to innovation/success.

View it from a rational and emotional mindset. Here’s a quick take on her principles:

Please share any thoughts/insights you might have.