What Coaches Say Matters to Leaders

Coaches of all types are not miracle workers, contrary to popular belief. Yet, coaches have a vital role: embrass the athlete, his/her perspectives, listen intently and ask thought-provoking questions. This helps spur creativity and clarity about themselves. Attitudes and perspectives can change.

In Mattson Newell's article in Inc.I particularly like what Coach Bob Bowman said, "For a swimmer, I'm their eyes out of the water. They can't see what they're doing."

"A lot of times what you think you're feeling isn't exactly what you're supposed to be doing," he continued. "The most important thing a coach does is give feedback. Also, I think we give guidance and motivation and some other things. The coach really is a partner in your activity, and I think it's so much better when you have one."

Takeaway: We all live in our own heads, and it's often difficult to evaluate ourselves. Outside perspectives are vital to development as an individual and as a leader. Just as you are looking at others and coaching them, make sure you also have a mentor guiding your way.