Why Curiosity?

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Two years in to retirement, who would have thought Kobe Bryant would have turned to filmmaking. For that matter, many of us don’t know what our next chapter of life will be after we leave a craft, a job or something
we’ve done for years.

Just like Kobe, it was two decades with the Lakers and a host of NBA titles.

“Dear Basketball”, his new film, nominated for the Academy Award for animated short films, is a shining example of curiosity. Just read the recent article in the New York Times. It shares Kobe’s journey about how this film came to life and the partners he chose.

Curiosity or sometimes I refer to the “learning mindset” helps us thrive. It becomes our beacon of awareness of everything around us; our family, our team, our friends, world politics, sports, movies and of course ourselves.

When you’re curious it breeds engagement. It’s something you want to do, not something you have to or need to do. It’s when we show up most authentically and ideas flourish.

So, listen, read, think and share. Maybe you’ll find a new chapter for yourself.