"I am comfortable with who I am, not the results"

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Zooming down the luge run at 80 plus miles per hour is edge-of-the-seat material: heart pounding, exhilarating, and dangerous to say the least.

Chris Mazdzer, our US luge team member, displayed the courage and skill necessary to take home the US’s first medal ever in the men’s singles luge.

As Mazdzer was being interviewed after realizing he had captured silver, he said something that resonated with me. May have not been a wow to many, but it stuck.

“I am comfortable with who I am, not the results".

I was so impressed with how Chris shifted his energy to a more productive mindset which enabled him to be “present in his moment”. He was clear with himself, purposeful and not influenced by all the external influences such as physical environment, social pressures and other things that could have distracted him.

Re-framing a perspective of a situation is so powerful for high performance athletes and leaders. That's what I believe can change a behavior and influence an outcome.

Kudos to Chris. You’ve set a wonderful standard for yourself, for your team and all of us.