Dustin Johnson...“can’t close on Sunday”


Fried Egg reported on Dustin Johnson's major win....Redemption Song

Well...Dustin Johnson did it.  Obviously, he's a great player who has all of the skills.  But he became his own leader...overcoming his inner gremlin..."can't close on Sunday". He had all the earmarks of things blocking him..mental and emotional worries demonizing him by having the ambiguity of a shot penalty looming for six holes, social...what would the press and family and friends think, geographical...a course that demands your whole you otherwise you'll sink.

Players like Dustin just had it in him to overcome his victim mentality and find a way to think about the opportunity..with a bit of rationalizing and fresh perspective, he climbed his mountain of opportunity.  Great example of an athletic leader who shifted his attitude and coached himself to victory!!