How Curious Are You?

North of Cheyenne, Wyoming, if you’re traveling north to South Dakota, you take State Road 85 through the eastern plains of Wyoming. I was on route to Black Hills State University in Spearfish. But before you get to Spearfish, at the foot of the beautiful Black Hills, one travels the open roads, with miles and miles of miles and miles. With small towns dotting the route, one begins to realize the beauty and vastness of our country.

I returned from two days working with the athletic staff at Black Hills, exhilarated by working with wonderful people, excited about what they do. I was richer in insights, learning, and discussion. Why, because I observed, participated, shared, and listened.

When you’re curious, you tap in to what energizes you environmentally, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That spirit is the awareness you have about yourself and everything that influences you.

Whether an athlete, coach or administrator curiosity is one’s fuel for you showing up powerfully and looking at things as opportunities.

My curiosity got a good injection. Try a drive to the Black Hills sometimes and let me know if your curiosity took a big leap forward.

So, reflect a bit and think about what curiosity brings you:

            Empowerment…to achieve what you want

            Empathy…to put yourself in someone’s shoes

            Intellectual…a quest for knowledge, ideas

            Gratitude…expressing thanks and being grateful