How To Wake Up Your Energy

Athletic leaders, business people and everyone have a sort of DNA – their energy. It shifts every day, every hour and it is connected through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies.

Physical well-being is critical to how we show up daily, yet to fire your engines it takes the fuel of your spiritual energy (your values that guide your character) to inform you on your journey to all aspects of your performance, especially physical.

John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors were both great tennis champions, winning many Grand Slam events between the two of them. You could argue that McEnroe’s biggest enemy was his temper, sometimes on display in demeaning ways. It was his display of negative energy, that drained him. Yet, it didn’t seem to stop his success. Jimmy Connors, certainly no angel, had a fierce competitive edge, fist-pumping his way through many matches.

Yet underlying their successes was their determination, sense of adventure and opportunity or spiritual energy.

Connors remained in the game longer than McEnroe because he continued to relish his opportunity and joy of the game.

McEnroe experienced burnout at age 34, and positive passion for the game halted. This likely side-swiped him of even further greatness. One could say his spiritual energy was not aligned and affected his playing days.

Fast forward, McEnroe today is a successful, articulate tennis commentator. Along with his brother Patrick they provide wonderfully insightful commentary at many majors.

John’s physical energy shows up on the Champions Tour, where his talents and personality look joyful. Maybe he gets his energy from his spiritual connection to himself and is in touch with what matters to him.

Spiritual energy, aligned with one’s purpose and values, is that silent, but driving force of inspiration and purpose. It fuels us every day to get psyched about life, what we’re doing, and having resolute clarity. For now, and future in life.

So, get up each day and challenge yourself by asking on a scale of 1-10 (one the lowest; ten the highest):

How excited am I about today?

How inspired am I about work, not the result?

How well am I “walking my talk” daily, fulfilling my values and my why?

What does my success look like for me now and in the future?