"I see you"

Thankful final.jpg

It's hard to believe it's Thanksgiving time again, when we gather to catch up and find out "how's everybody doing" and delight ourselves with the table's bounties.

I often talk about listening as a cornerstone of leadership, especially in athletics. It sounds trite, but really listening to people is something we can all practice. It makes a difference. We are dependent on our team members, our coaches, and staff.

In the movie Avatar, a few years ago, the Na’vi greeting translates to “I see you”. The Avatar Wiki explains, “To see” is a cornerstone of Na’vi philosophy. It is to open the mind and hear to the present…

They have two versions of the verb “see”:

Tse’a, which pertains to physical vision; and,

Kame, which means to see in a spiritual sense. It is more closely a synonym of “understand” or “comprehend”.

Take a moment and listen to Leona Lewis sing the Avatar theme song, “I see you”

While we give thanks this Thanksgiving, take a moment to practice listening. Be fully present with family and friends. What better time to engage, ask thoughtful questions, so each person knows “I see you”.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.