At The Intersection of Coaching and Leadership

Dom Starsia, former Hall of Fame Men’s Lacrosse Coach at University of Virginia, wrote an article recently for US Lacrosse Magazine entitled “10 Principles of Coaching and Leadership”. It is a compelling article that gets to the heart of the why and how we do what we do that underlies leadership and great coaching.

As a certified professional coach focusing on college athletic leadership, leadership applies to all of us, not the “just who’s in charge”. Why? Because everyday we influence others on the field, and in life…friends, family, coaches, business peers etc. It's how we show up everyday that often shapes our attitudes. This has a cascading effect on individuals and the team unit. 

One of Dom’s principles is “People Hearing without Listening”. I call this the “listen, don’t be listened” syndrome. Unless we take the time to be empathetic, that is really understanding what’s “not being said”, we can’t really form a trusting relationship and make informed decisions.

Another principle that stuck out for me was his “Men and Women of Value Have Scars”. We can all think about people who have been knocked down on the field, in business, yet “you have to get up”. Why? Because it’s that moment in time, where not only do you persevere and demonstrate resiliency, but you can “change your attitude and then learn to re-frame what’s just happened”. This helps us have clarity and we're better equipped our failures in to learning opportunities.

So, take a moment to read Dom’s article. A wonderful, successful coach and person, who understands and embraces why leadership (and for that matter Energy Leadership) in life breeds opportunity, fulfillment and success.