The Most Likely Triumph in the History of Team Sports – Leaders are Born!

So history has been made by Leicester City. No team in the Premier League has beaten the odds, 5000-1, in such resilient, unlikely fashion. Small budget, new coach, little belief by fans, and a history of underachievement. Isn’t this a recipe for a disaster?

Yet, the leader in Leicester City prevailed. No not just the owner and the coach but the players. They possessed an energetic presentation of a leader. Their energetic profile of belief, fun, attitude, acceptance from their inner both as individuals and as a team organization showed up. In spite of the external stimuli: storied teams with great records, more heralded players, fan bases that are unequaled, and huge payrolls, a culture of “who said we can’t” showed up reflecting a perfect alignment with their values. Wow, what a score!

So, it’s a story for the annals in all of sports. But, it begs for one question: Why can’t this happen again…soon! Leaders are born every day when you’re aware of who you are! Bring it!