Year Round Gratitude

Showing appreciation should not be seasonal. Maybe it's because it's the season of bounty that we all think about being grateful for what we have. The plentiful table at Thanksgiving in no short order of course. There are those who need our help. We reach out with our time, resources and compassion especially when it gets cold outside.

Yet, why should this be a seasonal thing? In the New York Times food section last week, there was a timely article about the many ways to give thanks. What I most appreciated was the idea keeping a journal.

The day after, I thought about my wife who planned a Thanksgiving that crammed in, even comfortably, 27 family members from around the country. No easy task. It made my day!

For those of you who have highly engaged teams, encourage them to keep a "gratitude journal". And even daily, before their feet land on the ground each morning, they pick up their "journal" and scribe one thing that deserves their gratitude.

As leaders we'll all perform better when we show up authentically and with purpose.