Growth: A Curious and Learning Mindset

Keri King, CEO, Triple Crown Sports

Keri King, CEO, Triple Crown Sports

Keri King, the new CEO of Triple Crown Sports, shares his insights about taking over the reins of his 30+ year family business from his dad, Dave King.

Triple Crown has transformed youth sports by producing premium destination sports events in basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and now lacrosse and collegiate level basketball tournaments in Cancun as well as the women's pre-and post season NIT.

My conversation with Keri centers around him sharing insight in to their organizational leadership, and positioning their company for growth in the years ahead.

Something has not changed…and that’s delivering their “Why” …delivering the best athlete and family experience. High quality, embraced through their "founder’s mentality" of "do the basics well". 

Keri touched on a few other things that shed light on their culture and purpose:

- Streamline organizational structure through the concept of "dismantle power" of the CEO

- Reach 96% employee retention

- Change their culture based on "organizational conversations" through their 4 I's: intimacy, inclusion, interactivity, and intentionality.

- Be in alignment with the changing face of youth sports like new growth sports lacrosse and increased interest in volleyball

- Delivering on their brand promise through a thematic goal, "associates first, customers second"

Take a moment to listen to my chat with Keri. Curiosity and his learning mindset are infused in Triple Crown’s culture.

It will be fun to watch Triple Crown grow in this new chapter!