A chat with the new leader of the NJCAA

Chris Parker, Executive Director, NJCAA

Chris Parker, Executive Director, NJCAA

I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris Parker, the new Executive Director of the NJCAA, who started in July of this year. Listen to Chris here.

Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his position. We covered many leadership topics from both a personal and professional standpoint.

He lives by a listen-first mindset to really connect and understand people. He surrounds himself with great leaders to better inform him, and help drive forward the NJCAA mission of promoting two-year college athletics.

Chris had some very interesting insights:

  • What inspired him to take this position and “why” he’s doing what he’s doing
  • How he manages personal and professional lives with such a demanding travel schedule
  • What roles do athletics play at two-year colleges
  • How transparency permeates everything they do
  • The importance of the coach as a leader for student-athlete growth
  • How his “town hall” initiatives support education and understanding of the “face” of the NJCAA
  • What are his challenges and opportunities

Take a moment to get acquainted with Chris. It’s an exciting time at the NJCAA, where athletics, education and leadership converge.