Building Value from The Inside

The Brand Playbook is a brand building program for individuals and organizations.

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Post Millennials and GenZ’s Adopts Early

Post Millennials and GenZ’s, are the most diverse generation[1]. And as Millennials they’re influenced by the influx and changing communications landscape. They’re early adopters, fast-moving, and highly influential.

In today’s world personal and professional development serves as an important cornerstone of life-long learning about self, performance and leadership. To that end, The Brand Playbook serves as a springboard for this development.

The Brand Playbook develops self, team and department dynamics around core values, actions, and missions. This process enables us to show up with purpose and authenticity which drive success, performance, fulfillment and overall happiness.

What do we do to build your brand, among other things?

Participants complete The Playbook Lab Brand Brief©, to reflect and gain insight about self.

Create individual and team/department brand boards to visually represent feelings and emotions about self and/or the team.

Complete a Brand Playbook Stakeholder Wheel© to identify one’s audience.

Develop survey(s) to be sent to stakeholders (staff, alumni, college administrators, boards) to gain insight about the brand.

Why do it?

Clarity around your brand truth; what is your unique promise of value.

Identify your core values and how well you are living them.

Get in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.

Connect more authentically with your stakeholders.

Enhanced your communication skills.

Develop more productive relationships.

Enhanced decision-making.


[1] March 1, 2018. Defining Generations: Where Millennials end and post-Millennials Begin. Michael Dimock, FactTank


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