The Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab is a customized leadership development program for college athletic departments and business executives.

It is a customized format. Through the Energy Leadership process, we come to understand ourselves by understanding our energy, how to use it more effectively and defining what leadership is.

As a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), I use this 20-minute assessment to help leaders understand how they "show up every day" under normal circumstances and under stress. It helps to identify ways to shift your thinking to more productive leader thinking so you see choice and opportunity.

Additionally, we use the portfolio of assessments of TTI Success Insights, giving insight in to our behavioral tendencies. It shows how and what motivates us to do certain things. From teams, we provide a team wheel which plots all team member behavioral tendencies and then come up with a guide for best ways to understand and optimize communication.

We partner and design SMART goals and create an accountability system so you hold yourself accountable for achieving your goals.

Agenda Items

  • Discussion of leadership.

  • Understand why energy effects how we show up every day.

  • Discussion of energy as it relates to decision-making, team building and trust, conflict resolution and/or other things that may come up.

  • Interactive exercises to discuss differences in behavioral tendencies individually and as a group or team.

What Will You Learn:

  • A greater awareness of self.

  • The power of a leader who is more in tune with how to shift thinking and perspectives to increase engagement.

  • Create more trusting and productive relationships.

  • How being accountable to yourself gets results.

The Leadership Lab ranges from 2-4 workshop formats and can continue for additional 1 hour sessions.

Download Leadership Lab Overview