What are the benefits
of leadership development?

  • Empower leaders and student-athletes to think out-of-the box to spur their creativity.
  • Help assess your leadership potential, level of engagement and awareness about you and things influencing your life
  • Becoming more purposeful on and off the field so you can make better decisions, and trust your intuition.
  • Identify what gets in the way of your goals
  • Become more conscious about choices and opportunities so you perform your best
  •  Be accountable for your actions to get results

This matters because…

  • Athletics is a forum for life-long leadership learning
  • A fast-moving, complex society requires more thoughtful, purposeful leaders
  • Learning about self is a pivot point for engagement and productivity personally, professionally or on the field.
  • Shifting attitudes and behaviors are central to leadership growth and reaching potential.

So ask yourself...

  • What is my or our goals?
  • What things could get in my way or my team’s way of reaching our goal?
  • What are the top character skills I/we need to reach our goal?
  • What’s our road map for getting there?